"Is there an eczema cure?" A holistic treatment to manage a Childs severe eczema.

"Is there an eczema cure?" A holistic treatment to manage a Childs severe eczema.

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This was the question on one mothers mind as she navigated a holistic approach to manage her child's eczema.


A summary of the interview transcript can be read below, Geeta investigates an eczema cure for her daughter


TickerTv, Alana:

Good afternoon, thanks for your company I’m Alana McLean. 

Well, they say there is no love, quite like the love you have for your child. My next guest today is the epitome of just how far a mother would go for her daughter after being born with perfect skin, that little Mia’s life was soon being destroyed by relatively common skin condition eczema. 

By three years of age, Mia’s condition became so dire that her mother Geeta was pushed to the brink to find her own solution to the seemingly unsolvable problem. 

Pressing pause on her well-paying corporate career, Geeta went on a quest to give her daughter back her quality of life. And as it turns out, the journey has been more than just skin deep.


What is eczema? And what are the symptoms?


My Mia’s Skin Relief, Geeta:

Eczema is quite common and particularly in Australia. 

One in three children that have eczema and one in five babies develop the symptoms.

With regards to Mia she was always hot and she would get inflamed red, irritated, itchy skin. It would be so itchy that she would scratch and scratch and it would often start oozing, bleeding and then leading to infection. 


There’s no cure for eczema. Mia has eczema because I have eczema, so there is a hereditary component to it.

TickerTv, Alana:

When did you start realizing this is actually not going away. What are some of the treatments that you were being told to explore?


My Mia’s Skin Relief, Geeta:

Mia was three when she first got eczema and it started on the inside of her elbows and behind her knees. We went to the GP and got a script of a steroid ointment.

But what I started to notice was that me as eczema was spreading to new areas. On her mouth, behind her ears, on her neck, trunk and her back. 


We saw specialists and they would treat it with steroids or antibiotics when there was a flare up. 


Her symptoms just continued to spread and really reduce the quality of her life. 


In 2012, Mia went straight to emergency hospital because the eczema inflammation and infection was all over her body.


My stomach sank and I felt sick, like to my core. It was heartbreaking. 

So we went to emergency in hospital. She was bathed in bleach water, lots of steroid ointment, moistures antibiotics and wet dressings. So she was covered head to toe. 

We came home and continued that treatment. 


Unfortunately, in 2013, her eczema symptoms continued to spread and she was hospitalized for five days.


The same treatment, bleach baths, topical antibiotics. We were using a few tubes of steroid ointment in a day and continued with head to toe dressings. 


During that time between 2013 and 2014, we were under the care of the specialist we started 12 months of UV light therapy treatment. I would take three kids and we'd go to hospital three times a week and she'd go into a UV light machine. Her lesions were the size of a 50 cent piece and they're all over her body. 


In 2014 Mia’s eczema had now to the soles of her feet. She was completely not able to walk and was off school for a month. 

 Eczema Cure Children

TickerTV, Alana:

Given that the stats that you mentioned at the start of the show, it's one in three of the kids that will experience eczema. 

Obviously this is an extreme case and you're trying multiple solutions. Were ou actually shocked that for something that you know is quite common, that you couldn't find that a product or a solution, a medical answer to fix this?


My Mia’s Skin Relief, Geeta:

I actually felt so defeated. I felt so lost. I felt so alone. 

I was doing everything I was told to do, and yet my daughter was disappearing before my eyes and it was, it was real. 

I would always ask what is causing this. And, and I was always met with the answer that Mia has eczema because you have eczema. And while that is true - I wasn't in a state of inflammation, but my daughter was. 


We did have allergy tests. We actually had six. We had the skin prick tests and the blood tests when she was in hospital. 


She was in hospital again for another five days (in 2014) when the eczema was on her feet. 

She had a dust allergy. We had done everything, no carpet, new mattress, she didn’t sit on the floor. 


TickerTV, Alana:

So when you sort of going through this process, and I guess you've come to that point where your face then with making a really tough decision, you've, you've either got to continue down this path you know, or you had to fight for another answer.

I guess at that point, you've decided to hit pause on your corporate career and go down these paths to find an answer, which is in credibly risky. Tell us a little bit about that journey and, and how you started that, did you ever know at the time that was going to lead you to develop a skincare business?


My Mia’s Skin Relief, Geeta:

No, I never thought I would start a skincare business. 

I think the pain of seeing Mia on this journey, seeing the life & joy in our household, little Mia who was always so bubbly and laughing, disappear, and no longer make eye contact with other people was my breaking point. 

And here I was following this path, once the eczema had reached the soles of her feet, but she was also now facing a prospect of long long-term immune suppressant medication. 


The quality of her life was unacceptable. Her bedsheets would fuse to her skin of a morning and I would literally have to separate them.

And then I could see that the more medication we were using, the more eczema continued to spread.


So at that time, I, yes, absolutely press pause on my career. My daughter's life depended on this. I needed to give my daughter my hundred percent commitment and focus and navigate a path for her that was sustainable and lasting, and really get to the source of what was causing Mia’s eczema.

Skin Relief Kit

TickerTV, Alana:

So how do you even know where to start there? how do you navigate that process? And I guess you have to really become the student. Then you have to take on, you know, advice from other people. And I guess spent a huge amount of time on research and development with no actual golden ticket guaranteed at the end that you're going to crack something that works.


My Mia’s Skin Relief, Geeta:

Well, at the time Mia was in such a dire condition. I actually didn't know what to do, but I sat in the question. 

I knew that there was something that was causing this. 

I held the vision of her laughing and smiling in and in amazing health as she should be. 

I remember one day I was sitting in a course and I got a tap on the shoulder by my mentor. She introduced me to a lady who was speaking. She's a renowned nutritionist, Cyndi O'Meara. She was talking about gut health and microbiome. It was all new to me and not having a medical background, having an auditing background and asking why, why, why?


Cindy had said was if you're on one course of antibiotics, it takes your gut microbiome two years to get back to its original condition. Now Mia was on antibiotics monthly. 

I found that I'm being guided by my intuition, using my auditing tools of getting to the root cause, sitting in that beginner's mind and not concluding with an answer.

I didn't have this path in front of me. I just took one step at a time. And that's all I could do is just take one step at a time. 


And in that process where before I was feeling so disempowered, for the first time I was actually feeling in charge and empowered. 

So we started this gut healing diet, and that was, we stripped away everything and rebuilt her, her gut lining. So how it was explained to me was that her gut lining had holes in it and the bacteria from antibiotics and gears of antibiotics and toxicity of products that were being put on her body and food that she was eating. Um, so she, she was in a bad way that bacteria was not good.


So we started with having bone broths and broths and fermented foods in the fermented food provided good bacteria. 

So we started with soups and broths and then added mushy vegetables and lamb shanks, and really nourishing food for her gut. 

I started peel away the chemical products that I was using on her skin, because I discovered as part of my research: 

According to the world health organization, a person with eczema is missing that protective skin barrier. So what you put on your skin is getting absorbed into their bloodstream at a much faster rate than it would for you.


So, I actually got the coconuts, made butter, took neem plants, which is an Indian Ayurvedic herb. Added some fresh turmeric.

But the beautiful part about it was during this journey, Mia’s smile was back.


TickerTV, Alana:

Where's the aha moment where you go, I've got it. Something works, it's a tangible product. I'm seeing results. And I'm going to create a skin relief program, an actual product to put out where where's that moment. And then where do you go from there?


My Mia’s Skin Relief, Geeta:

It was actually during that time, because one of the first things to go with, get rid of that bleach. I don't want to use that bleach. 

I just started using beautiful human lands salts, and didn't say salts and organic, like just mixing them myself. 

Having said that to launch this as a commercial range of products, again, wasn't a thought process I had at that time. It was, just to get my daughter better. 

It probably took a year for it all to gel into place. And create this Skin Relief Kit 

Mia didn't need long-term immune suppressant medication. After a blood test, it turned out she was off the charts intolerant to weight, which was very easy eliminate from her diet.


She had allergy tests before, but it didn’t show up before. Maybe we had to eliminate it. 


My husband and I travelled around the world going to visit skin specialists, just to find out more answers.


TickerTV, Alana:

You were using your creams this whole time and seeing results?.

What's that point where you go, okay, this is actually working on my child. I'm going to put this into production because this could help other families and not put them through this process?


My Mia’s Skin Relief, Geeta:

People could be visibly see Mia looked different. And a friend of ours had a child with eczema. I just gave them the creams that we made for Mia, and it helped. 

That was the moment. It’s not just Mia, there are many kids. 

If our experience and these products can help another child not being bathed in bleached, if that alone, or use a natural skin care egime that they could use as their first line of defence -  that would be amazing. 


Even now I approach everything with a beginner's mind. I will never conclude that. I know the answers. We are changing in every minute of every day. This is journey that is with me for life. Mia & I have eczema, so does my youngest son.


TickerTV, Alana:

How important, I guess, is it to dig deeper and to question what you're being told, if it doesn't feel right, or to get other opinions or to find another solution?



My Mia’s Skin Relief, Geeta:

We had done everything right. And Mia ended up not making eye contact. She was still ending up in hospital. 

So for me, that intuitive gut feeling that something is not right. 

I also learnt that eczema or any chronic condition there,  joint pain, etc – is a whisper from the body showing you that something is not right inside. 

If we look at the inside first and this look bringing our body back into balance.

And that includes supporting it with really clean skincare, it does help. 

TickerTV, Alana:

How many units of My Mia’s Skin Relief are you selling? What's the goal? 


My Mia’s Skin Relief, Geeta:

Before making this a commercial range, I did work with four different formulation chemists over four years. 

I was very clear that I wanted them to be certified organic food grade skincare products. So just everyday skincare products.

Business can be just business, but this is my life. 

Everything I do is of service and of the highest intention to serve. 

Yes, we did take a risk launching this business. We took a more mortgage against our house, but that doesn't mean that I'm just going to throw money away. 

I'm using a very,  data driven approach to how I run my business. And that's again, drawing on my corporate background. I would like to create new products, continue to market them, expand into new markets, into international markets, into retail outlets.

But really just taking the exact same process that I did with uncovering a solution for Mia.


Holding a vision for where I want this business to go and taking that one step at a time and not getting too far ahead of myself. And make really informed decisions, test products, thoroughly, and do my due diligence. 

No child should ever have to struggle the way my daughter did. And every child deserves to shine. And if our products are a vehicle for them to do that, then that is just my wish that they can be elevated. And as Mia grows, I would like to evolve this range into more products. 


TickerTV, Alana:

Absolutely extraordinary the journey that you've been on and you've stopped and nothing to help your own daughter. But in turn now you're helping all these other families that are going through this type of type of thing all over the world. I think the lessons are so, so much more than just going through the business journey. You really are remarkable woman Geeta.


Where can people buy? Where can people buy? My Mia’s Skin Relief.


My Mia’s Skin Relief, Geeta

Everything we learnt is www.mymias.com



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