Wet Wraps for Eczema / Wet Dressings for Eczema

Wet Wraps for Eczema / Wet Dressings for Eczema

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Do Wet Wraps for Eczema or Wet Dressings for Eczema work?

Wet Wraps Eczema - Wet Dressings Eczema


I quite often get asked, are wet dressings or wet wraps effective in treating eczema?


The answer is a re-sounding yes!


When my daughter Mia was admitted to hospital because of her severe eczema, this was the first time we were introduced to wet dressings/ wet wraps for eczema.


I must say, as with any new skill it takes a little getting used to…. However, as we got the hang of things, we could visibly see how effective wet wraps were for her eczema flare ups. 


You can click here to read more about our child’s eczema recovery journey.


So, why are wet wraps/ wet dressings for eczema so effective:

  • They are cool, and provide much needed cooling, itch free relief to the inflamed area of skin.
  • The inflamed area is temporarily wrapped up, so young hands can't itch and open up sores that are trying to heal.
  • It gives the body the opportunity to absorb the product into the eczema flare up, so eczema treatment is effective.


What exactly are wet dressings / Wet wraps for eczema?


Wet dressings / Wet wraps are simply clean bandages, that are wet with cool water and applied to a wound / eczema to assist with calming skin.


The bandages could be:

  • Plan cotton bandages 
  • Tubular bandages
  • Cotton fabric
  • Cotton gloves (if treating your hands)


I know having a child with eczema, or suffering from eczema yourself, can be very uncomfortable – so please don’t worry about trying to find the perfect bandage. A quick trip to your pharmacy will help you find the perfect bandages.


How to apply wet dressings/ wet wraps for eczema?


Step 1: Effective Eczema Treatment


You really want to cleanse, treat and moisturise your skin as effectively as possible.


My Mia’s Skin Relief Kit has been designed as a natural, gentle and effective 3 step process to:

Step 1: Cleanse & Clear you skin

Step 2: Repair & Regenerate your skin

Step 3: Hydrate & Protect your skin


This system really is a very effective way to manage eczema flare ups, and is the perfect preparation before commencing wet wraps or wet dressings.



Step 2: Apply Wet Dressings

After your eczema treatment has been applied, apply a thick application of moisturiser on your skin.

Apply Wet Dressings

  • Wet bandages in a cool water
  • Apply dressings to eczema inflamed skin.
  • Leave dressings on for a minimum of 15 minutes. 
  • You can leave the dressings on for a longer period of time if that will stop your little one scratching at their skin and they are not too cold.

Remove Wet Dressings

  • Once you are ready - remove the dressings.
  • Re-moisturise your skin with moisturiser or My Mia’s Skin Repair & Barrier Cream – which is effective in calming eczema.


Demonstration using tubular bandages + normal cotton bandages

For a step by step guide, click on this link to completing wet wraps eczema - wet dressings for eczema. 



Step 3: Repeat 2-3 times during the day 


You can re-apply your wet dressings 2-3 times a day. This will ensure:

  • Your eczema flare up is absorbing products into your skin without scratching/ rubbing off
  • Your skin is kept cool


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