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Understanding Eczema & Skin Conditions


Understanding Eczema & Skin Conditions


Have you ever wondered why two people can have eczema - And one person is having a flare up and the other isn't?

In this online program, we take a deep dive into:

  • What may be triggering your eczema
  • Looking at our gut health, immune system and causes of eczema inflammation within the body
  • Dietary changes to support your body
  • Taking a holistic approach to manage your eczema
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    Eczema Relief Online Program

    Lesson 1: What is eczema? What is the most effective way to treat your eczema flare up?
    Lesson 2: What are some internal & external triggers contributing to your eczema Flare up?
    Lesson 3: Listen to an interview with Cyndi O'meara (Nutritionist/ Best Selling Author) what is the correlation between our gut and eczema?
    Lesson 4: Listen to an interview with Dr Tim Patel (Head of Department Emergency) explain treating an eczema symptom and its cause + he explains what is our microbiome?
    Lesson 5: Interview with Kirsty Worth (Naturopath), in this interview we look at ways we can repair our gut health.
    Lesson 6: Why are we seeing more babies and toddlers with eczema? Listen to Dr Tim Patel, Cyndi O'meara + Dr Kirsty Worth.
    Lesson 7: We review Pharmacy supplementation and alternate therapies available to support your eczema
    Lesson 8: We look at the GAPS Diet & a mini cleanse we can do to restore our gut health.
    Lesson 9: Anxiety / Eczema & Mental Health - Dr Tim Patel
    Lesson 10: Eczema, stress & living mindfully


    An Important Note

    We recognise these are amazing results, from real & genuine customers.
    However, it's very hard to say with 100% certainty that any product (be it food- skincare - supplements) will work exactly the same way for every person.
    We are all different, with different skin types, health, age and life style. Therefore please know, results may vary from person to person.

    I was surprised at how quickly the creams took effect

    My son started using My Mia’s Eczema creams less than 2 months ago and his skin looks and feels incredible. We’ve cut down on our reliance of steroids. His personality is back to normal and he’s now a happy little boy who can be a kid again. I’m very surprised at how quickly the creams took effect.

    Lisa & Connor
    The redness goes away really quickly... His skin feels beautiful

    Nate's eczema gets quite severe on his face, his groin, his bottom, tummy, underarms. We're using
    the My Mia’s creams. The redness goes out straight away. It heals up very quickly.
    I go straight to, the
    creams now because they're just so much cleaner and healthier and they work.

    Britt & Nate
    After 3 days I noticed a pretty impressive difference and he stopped itching.

    A girlfriend referred me onto My Mia’s and I reluctantly gave it a try. We used the bath salts, the level 2 cream and the barrier cream morning and night. After 3 days on the products I noticed a pretty impressive difference and Lenny had stopped itching. I’ve been so impressed with the products and how they’ve helped my son. Geeta, from one mum to another trying to help give their children some relief. THANK YOU!

    Courtney & Lenny

    Business Ethos

    Having eczema is not pleasant, but having no skin at all is even worse! We are a big fan of the amazing work the Fiona Wood Foundation is doing; like developing spray on skin for severe burns patients. At My Mia's Skin Relief we lovingly support this amazing charity with monthly donations from the sale of our products.

    We love Mother Nature. We have also committed to running a carbon neutral business. As a result, we are offsetting any carbon emissions created from running an online business by planting a grove of trees every year.

    Animals are our friends. Not our test objects. Of course, none of our products have ever been tested on animals. Ever. So yes all of our products and manufacturing practices are cruelty free.