Natural & Organic Eczema Treatment & Creams

Eczema Relief for Babies (3+ months), Toddlers, Children/ Kids and Adults.

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100% Australian Owned & Made. Organic, Natural & Toxic Free.

Introducing.. My Mia's Fast-Acting-Natural
3 Step Eczema Relief System

My Mia's Skin Relief has been created by a mother for her daughters severe eczema (requiring hospitalisation)

1. Gentle, Effective & Natural Eczema Relief & Dermatitis Products -  Used during an eczema flare up/ inflammation to calm, red, irritated skin and used as a daily nourishing skincare system to protect your skin. 

2. Empower yourself with skincare tools that will help you manage your eczema symptoms for the rest of your life, this includes Eczema Relief Bath Salts, Eczema Relief Creams and Moisturiser.

3. Formulated by leading Chemists and made using Organic, Natural & Toxic Free Skincare Ingredients

4. Lovingly made in our home Australia 

5. Family eczema relief - suitable for Babies (3+months), Toddlers, Children, Teenagers & Adults 

6. Using My Mia's Skin Relief  90% of Customers noticed an improvement in their symptoms

Why Choose My Mia's?

It has worked wonders for others as well!

Mia has been steroid free for 3.5 years

Mia's eczema was so severe she was hospitalised twice, underwent 12 months of UV light therapy, bathed daily in bleach water, on regular antibiotics and used up to 10 tubes of steroid cream every month.

By taking a holistic approach to manage her health (including gut healing & adding good supplementation) & moving to clean organic , natural and toxic free skincare (which I developed for Mia), her life has completely turned around. Mia has not used steroids or antibiotics to manage her eczema for the last 3.5 years!


Step 1: Cleanse & Clear

Eczema Relief Bath Salts is a gentle bath soak, made using Himalayan and Dead Sea Salts, organic neem, calendula, paw paw, arnica and chamomile to:

- Cleanse & detoxify your skin
- Prevent skin infection
- Soothe & calm eczema symptoms

WHEN TO USE: During an eczema flare up or as part of your regular skin care routine. Use during your bath as a soak to cleanse and calm the skin.

SIZE:  500 grams 

Step 2: Repair & Regenerate

During an eczema flare up:

Level 2: Eczema Relief Intense is a natural, toxic-free cream with added centella, tea tree oil, calendula, St John’s wort and chamomile to calm red, irritated and broken skin - typical eczema symptoms.

WHEN TO USE: Apply directly to skin during an eczema inflammation flare up. Use 2-3 times a day until the eczema symptoms subside. The Eczema Relief Level 2 Intense, does not contain added moisturisers, therefore we highly recommend using it with our Skin Repair & Barrier Cream.

SIZE: 50ml

For Dry Flaking Skin (On hands/ Scalp/ Face/ Body) + Used as a prevention cream (once flare up under control):

Level 1: Eczema Relief Moderate is an organic, rich moisturising cream with added coconut, jojoba, avocado, neem, turmeric, vitamin e, rosehip oil and shea butter. It is recommended for mild to moderate eczema to provide relief from dry, flaking, itchy skin. 

WHEN TO USE: Apply to the affected area of skin. Use throughout the day as required to hydrate the skin. 

Suitable for eczema on face, eczema on scalp, dermatitis on hands, dry flaking skin and used as an eczema prevention cream after the eczema flare up is under control.

SIZE: 100ml

Step 3: Hydrate & Protect

My Mia's Skin Repair & Barrier Cream is a deeply hydrating moisturising cream containing organic coconut, sweet almond, rosehip, sunflower oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, ceramide and cholesterol. 

Replenishing the impaired skin barrier (with ceramide and cholesterol) is a critical component in your long-term eczema management plan. It helps create a protective barrier - preventing further water loss and locking moisture into the skin to ensure the skin is hydrated and protected at a deeper level. 

WHEN TO USE: Use daily as an all over body moisturiser to assist in the management of short and long-term eczema symptoms. 

SIZE: 100ml

Suitable for Babies (3+ months), Toddlers, Children, Teenagers and Adults.




Can this be used during an eczema flare up? 
Yes, after you purchase My Mia's Eczema Relief Kit - You will be provided with detailed information about how to use each product during each phase of your eczema.
During an eczema flare up, we recommend: 
Step 1: Bath in Eczema Bath Salts (for a maximum of 4 days)
Step 2: Treat the eczema flare up with Level 2 Eczema Relief & moisturise with My Mia's Skin Repair & Barrier Cream
Step 3: As your flare up calms down, you can use Eczema Relief Level 1 as a daily eczema presentation cream. This cream is also helpful for eczema on your face, scalp and is an excellent hand cream.

Why does eczema become worse in Winter - can My Mia's help?
Mia would ALWAYS struggle with eczema flare ups during Winter. I found this was because she was always wearing long sleeves and her body was warm (which dried her skin out even more). As she continued to itch her skin, it became a downward spiral.
There is also allot to say about exposing your skin (for short periods of time) to our beautiful sun for some natural vitamin d. This is another element missing during Winter.
My Mia's will help you calm your eczema flare up. And our Skin Repair & Barrier cream provides an intense level of hydration which protects the skin from drying out.

Can these products be used during pregnancy?
We have babies (from 3+ months) using My Mia's and they have reported amazing results. As every person is unique, we cannot make any medical recommendations - What we have done is provided you with our full ingredients list, so that you may discuss every option with your Doctor and make the right decision for you.

How can a product that can be used for a baby, also be helpful for an adult or someone with severe eczema?
This is a fair question. For a baby or child using the My Mia's Skin Relief products is sufficient to calm down eczema symptoms and prevent flare ups.
However for someone suffering with severe eczema (like Mia) or an adult who has struggled with eczema their whole life My Mia's Skin Relief products are an excellent first line of defence. However, as their body is in a chronic state underlying issues with their gut health (microbiome) or weakened immune system may also need to be addressed (therefore a holistic approach needs to be taken to manage their eczema).


My Mia's Mission

When I first embarked on this journey, I just wanted to help my daughter. Seeing Mia struggle consumed my every waking moment of my life... And seeing Mia's transformation has been one of my greatest accomplishments.

I never set out to create an eczema business. But when I saw other young babies, children and even adults struggling with the devastating effects of eczema, I knew I couldn't let another person suffer the same way My Mia did. Every offering has been created with love and with the intention to serve you in the best way I can.

Starting this business has been one of the hardest things I have done... But the immense joy we (Mia & I) feel hearing about other's transformation makes us happy dance with you.

This is a life long mission for us. Mia still has eczema and so do I. I will never stop on my mission to find the best, gentle and effective way to treat eczema - And on this mission I plan to share everything I learn with you too.

I invite you to stay in touch, as together I know we are stronger.
All my love,
Geeta & Mia