Inflammation & Hospitalisation

Our daughter Mia was just three years old when her eczema first appeared. Within two years, she was dependent on prescribed antibiotics, steroid creams and bleach baths. Unfortunately, her skin took a turn for the worse and she was hospitalised for 5 days.

Inflammation and Hospitalisation image Inflammation and Hospitalisation image Inflammation and Hospitalisation image

Back home, Mia’s eczema continued to spread and her treatment plan revolved around steroid creams, bleach baths, regular antibiotics (due to skin infections), UV light therapy in hospital and daily wet dressings. Yet still eczema continued to spread, even to the soles of her feet (leaving no area of skin unaffected by eczema).

Inflammation and Hospitalisation image Inflammation and Hospitalisation image Inflammation and Hospitalisation image

She missed one month of school and ended up in hospital again as before.

Eczema & Despair

Eczema and Despair image Eczema and Despair image

Doctors suggested immunosuppressant medication, which required regular blood tests to monitor the health of her organs. This was my breaking point. My daughter was already deteriorating before my eyes and the possible side effects of these drugs terrified me. Determined to explore alternative options, I consulted an expert nutritionist who suggested an elimination diet.

Herbs & Healing

Herbs and Healing image Herbs and Healing image Herbs and Healing image Herbs and Healing image Herbs and Healing image

In conjunction with diet, I started mixing my own organic creams from home. I studied the ingredients used in Indian Ayurveda and learned about the benefits of herbal remedies such as turmeric, neem and centella when used on the skin. I created creams using only natural ingredients for Mia’s skin. Slowly but surely, without immunosuppressant medication, we cut back on antibiotics, steroid use and could see a difference. These ancient herbs were organic, natural and gentle on her skin. This is how Mia’s Skin Relief was born.

Hydrate & Repair

Hydrate & Repair image

Although Mia’s skin was calmed through herbal creams and diet, it wasn’t as beautifully hydrated as it could be. At a renowned skin centre in Asia, we discovered the magical ingredients ‘ceramide and cholesterol’. According to the World Health Organisation, a person with eczema is missing these fats in their skin cells.

We worked tirelessly with experienced formulation chemists in Australia to create our own formulation using organic and toxic-free ingredients. This cream is My Mia’s Skin Repair & Barrier Cream, which deeply hydrates, repairs and provides a protective barrier for the skin.

Then & Now

Instead of daily bleach baths…

We use our own Himalayan/Dead Sea Salt blend with over 130 minerals and added organic ingredients such as neem, calendula, St John’s wort, raspberry leaf extract and arnica to thoroughly cleanse and detoxify Mia’s skin and prevent skin infections.

Instead of 8 tubes of cortisone/steroid cream per month...

We use our own organic, natural, Australian allergy certified and toxic-free eczema relief creams to manage Mia’s eczema inflammation.

Instead of following a strict diet...

We re-introduced foods over 12 months and discovered that wheat triggered Mia’s eczema even though she’d been previously tested negative for food intolerances.

Instead of weekly visits to the doctor, hospital visits and taking antibiotics...

We spend our time relaxing, going to the beach, making new juice or smoothie recipes and cooking fresh, healthy food together.

Instead of feeling disempowered and hopeless about my daughter’s health...

I took charge. I found my strength within me to find a holistic, long-term solution for my daughter. Yes, Mia still has eczema, but I no longer feel fearful and afraid when she has an eczema flare up.

Now, I immediately treat her eczema inflammation, increase her nutritional foods, increase supplementation to support her immune system and gut health, and look to identify and resolve her trigger.

Our Medical Team

I have the greatest respect for our medical professionals. They helped us when my daughter was covered head to toe in skin infections. If things ever spiralled out of control again and we needed doctors to manage Mia’s eczema symptoms, I wouldn’t hesitate to seek their help. But I can now happily report it has been over three years and Mia has not used antibiotics or steroid creams to manage her eczema. She uses her very own brand of skin care products, which I have developed for her.

My Mia's & You

My Mia & You - Mother and Daughter

Our 3-step skincare range is lovingly formulated to cleanse, repair and deeply hydrate skin and clear eczema symptoms. If you or your child has dry, irritated skin, we hope this will bring them much-needed relief. As one parent to another, we know that when our child is suffering, all we want is to make them better and to see them smile again.

Hopefully, My Mia’s Skin Relief makes this possible.

With love,
Geeta, mother of Mia