Fast Acting Natural Eczema Skincare

  • Calm red, itchy, irritated skin during an eczema flare up

  • Deeply hydrate & protect your skin everyday, using gentle, effective natural & organic products made in Australia

  • For babies (3+months), children, teenagers & adults.

With Love from Mom to Mia

Created with love by a mother for her daughter

My Mia’s Skin Relief is a range of eczema products that were originally developed for our daughter Mia. You can read more about our eczema journey.

As Mia’s mother, seeing my child deteriorate before my eyes completely broke my heart. I felt consumed by it every waking (and sleeping) moment.

I tried all the natural alternatives on the market I could find. In fact, I had a cupboard full of products that I had purchased. But as promising as they seemed, there simply was no “one-stop product” that managed all her symptoms.

How could there be?

That’s when I realised that I needed a different system. I needed to use a system (similar to the one we had learned about in hospital) but this time using organic, natural and toxin-free skincare products. This is My Mia’s Eczema Relief Kit.

We use these products every day. And by taking a holistic approach to eczema, I can happily confirm my daughter has not used antibiotics or steroids to manage her eczema for 3.5 years, she simply uses the skincare products that I have developed.

Expertly Formulated & Lovingly Made

Our gentle range of skincare made with organic, natural and toxic free ingredients, ensures only the highest quality plant-based ingredients are used for your eczema relief.

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I was surprised at how quickly the creams took effect

My son started using My Mia’s Eczema creams less than 2 months ago and his skin looks and feels incredible. We’ve cut down on our reliance of steroids. His personality is back to normal and he’s now a happy little boy who can be a kid again. I’m very surprised at how quickly the creams took effect.

Lisa & Connor
I would recommend My Mia's 1000000000 times!!!!!!!

My daughter was covered with eczema "atopic dermatits" head to toe. We tried many creams prescribed by gp (steriod cream made it worse) and I have bought everything organic and natural I came across, nothing worked for my daughter. Until we came across My Mia's!!! Even within a day of using it I saw the results, I could not believe it!! I'm so Grateful for My Mia's products "the miracle cure"!  (I don't give reviews on anything unless it actually does make difference) 

Sima & Baby
After 3 days I noticed a pretty impressive difference and he stopped itching.

A girlfriend referred me onto My Mia’s and I reluctantly gave it a try. We used the bath salts, the level 2 cream and the barrier cream morning and night. After 3 days on the products I noticed a pretty impressive difference and Lenny had stopped itching. I’ve been so impressed with the products and how they’ve helped my son. Geeta, from one mum to another trying to help give their children some relief. THANK YOU!

Courtney & Lenny


We created our 3-step eczema relief program, using the decade of experience we accumulated managing Mia’s eczema symptoms.

From this, we found there are two key factors in the ongoing management of eczema:
(i) aggressively address the inflammation with thorough and diligent treatment;
(ii) maintain a regular cleansing and moisturising routine, even after the eczema flare up is addressed, to ensure the skin is cleansed, hydrated and protected at a deeper level

As every person and their eczema symptoms may vary, we encourage you to adapt our products for your own needs. If your symptoms persist, we always recommend seeking medical attention.

Step 1: Cleanse & Purify

Eczema Relief Bath Salts is a gentle bath soak, made using Himalayan and Dead Sea Salts, organic neem, calendula, paw paw, arnica and chamomile to:

- Cleanse & detoxify your skin
- Prevent skin infection
- Soothe & calm eczema symptoms

WHEN TO USE: During an eczema flare up or as part of your regular skin care routine. Use during your bath as a soak to cleanse and calm the skin.


Level 1: Eczema Relief Moderate is an organic, rich moisturising cream with added coconut, jojoba, avocado, neem, turmeric, vitamin e, rosehip oil and shea butter. It is recommended for mild to moderate eczema to provide relief from dry, flaking, itchy skin.

WHEN TO USE: Apply to the affected area of skin. Use throughout the day as required to hydrate the skin.

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Level 2: Eczema Relief Intense is a natural, toxic-free cream with added centella, tea tree oil, calendula, St John’s wort and chamomile to calm red, irritated and broken skin - typical eczema symptoms.

WHEN TO USE: Apply directly to skin during an eczema inflammation flare up. Use 2-3 times a day until the eczema symptoms subside

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The Eczema Relief Level 2 Intense, does not contain added moisturisers, therefore we highly recommend using it with our Skin Repair & Barrier Cream.


My Mia's Skin Repair & Barrier Cream is a deeply hydrating moisturising cream containing organic coconut, sweet almond, rosehip, sunflower oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, ceramide and cholesterol.

Replenishing the impaired skin barrier (with ceramide and cholesterol) is a critical component in your long-term eczema management plan. It helps create a protective barrier - preventing further water loss and locking moisture into the skin to ensure the skin is hydrated and protected at a deeper level.

WHEN TO USE: Use daily as an all over body moisturiser to assist in the management of short and long-term eczema symptoms.

Our Eczema Relief KIT is the best value helping calm your eczema QUICKLY

1 x Eczema Relief Bath SALT
1 x Level 1 Eczema Relief
1 x Level 2 Eczema Relief
1 x Skin repair & Barrier Cream


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My Mia’s Skin Relief’s Business Ethos

My Mia’s Skin Relief’s Business Ethos Column 1 image

Having eczema is not pleasant but just knowing that someone has no skin at all due to severe burns is utterly heart breaking. We are sending our love (via proceeds from our sales) to the Fiona Wood Foundation; a charity that is developing spray-on skin technology for severe burns patients.

My Mia’s Skin Relief’s Business Ethos Column 2 image

Mia takes her eczema relief products to school and camp, so we need to use plastic BPA free tubes to make sure they are safe to use. However, we still want to make sure we are looking after our planet. We have committed to running a carbon neutral business by planting a grove of trees every year to offset our carbon footprint.

My Mia’s Skin Relief’s Business Ethos Column 3 image

I started off as just a mother who wanted to help my daughter.... But now my mission is to help others struggling with eczema.

Mia & I still have eczema (although we are not suffering with flare ups), as a result this is my life long mission to find the best ways to treat eczema (both the symptoms and the cause of eczema).

And.. I will be sharing all of this information with you every step of the way.

I believe, we should all be THRIVING not barely surviving.