Inflammation & Hospitalization
she was barely surviving

My daughter, Mia was disappearing before my eyes.

Her ( eczema ) started when she was just 3 years old and now by age 5 it had taken over all of her body.

I had purchased as many natural products I could find on the market – But there was still no reprieve for Mia, some would hurt, some would make her eczema worse and others didn’t help too much. So, we followed the medical path with using prescribed steroid creams.

Mia had come into the world with perfect skin now had eczema on the soles of her feet, every inch of her body, her eyebrows and eyelashes were falling out and she had eczema all through her scalp.

Inflammation and Hospitalisation image Inflammation and Hospitalisation image Inflammation and Hospitalisation image

Mia’s eczema, dermatitis & psoriasis became so severe , that she not only required 2 stays of hospitalization, 12 months of UV light therapy, daily bleach baths, regular antibiotics and up to 10 tubes of steroid cream a month, but Mia’s eczema symptoms were continuing to spiral out of control, with absolutely no end in sight.

Our only medical solution available for us was to undergo long term immune suppressant medication. Some of the risks included eye problems, gum problems, possible infertility… And she would also require monthly blood tests to make sure her organs were functioning OK….

What?!? This was it. This was my absolute breaking point.

Inflammation and Hospitalisation image Inflammation and Hospitalisation image Inflammation and Hospitalisation image

I felt completely helpless and lost in a medical system not knowing what to do or where to go.
I felt sick in the pit of my stomach.
The pain in my heart seeing my child’s pain consumed my every waking breath.
The light in my daughter’s eyes was fading, fast – And I just didn’t know what to do. By this stage, she had stopped making eye contact as she was in so much pain.

Do I give her medication for the rest of her life, but she will be eczema free? Or do I ride it out and watch her separate her sheets from her skin (which had fused together overnight) because of the constant scratching, bleeding and pus?

Ahhhhhhhh my head was spiralling out of control. What do I do…???

Then it happened.
Our specialist requested Mia's first blood test and we brought the script of the immune suppressant medication home.

I remember sitting numb, unable to move. This was all getting too much.

3 Months

Eczema and Despair image Eczema and Despair image

This was the moment. I had decided enough was enough! I wasn't going to give in without a fight. I didn't want my daughter being on a lifetime of medication.

I begged Mia’s specialist to give me 3 months...... Just 3 months to leave no stone unturned to help Mia. And then, if I am unsuccessful, I promised I would come back and commence her immune suppressant medication.

She agreed.

Intuitively, I knew there may be something triggering Mia’s eczema. However, whenever I raised my concerns with a medical professional I was told ‘my daughter has eczema, because I have eczema’.

It was time to shake up old beliefs and reclaim my and my daughter’s life!

With this surge of energy (like a lioness protecting her cub), I was guided to the right people. After speaking with a nutritionists and naturopaths, I recognised that Mia’s gut was out of balance and her body was flaring up due to extreme inflammation.
Also, as Mia was so heavily dependent on antibiotics and steroids, we would need to take some extreme measures to bring her back to normal.

Our Recovery Journey BEGINS

Herbs and Healing image Herbs and Healing image Herbs and Healing image Herbs and Healing image Herbs and Healing image

Step 1: We repaired her gut using the GAPS diet. This was an intense diet where we eliminated all grain, processed food, and underwent an intense protocol of bone broth, probiotics, consumed good fats – all in aid to heal her gut.

Step 2. At the same time as healing her gut with diet, it was time to ween off the toxicity Mia was absorbing in her blood stream from her skin care products. Not stop everything at once as her body could go into shock, but slowly ween off the steroid creams.

I consumed so much literature on herbal remedies and ancient wisdom from Indian Ayurveda… And my family and I travelled and saw skin doctors from around the world.

The products for My Mia’s skin relief were taking shape. Every ingredient was selected with love, light and pure uplifting intention.

For the first time, I felt empowered, alive and filled with excitement that what I was creating was not only clean and gentle but it was also effective in helping calm Mia’s skin.

Mia’s eczema started to improve before our eyes. She would have some very large lesions on her arm (some with a 10cm diameter) and I remember she would say to me ‘mummy every time I go to sleep I just imagine my ouchies are getting smaller… and when I wake they are actually smaller’.

It was magical.

The sparkle in my daughters’ eyes was coming back.
She was looking stronger, her laughter and jokes returned back into our home.

Did the clean skincare & Diet make a difference?

Hydrate & Repair image

For the first time, I could see the direct correlation, the organic, natural and toxic free skincare was having on Mia.

They were effective, yet still light.

They weren’t weakening her body, but almost helping her wounds and helping her become stronger (not weaker).


Why had I never I thought of these products before?


Did my greatest pain, crack me open to create these beautiful products to be created?


By not only helping my daughter, did I now finally help me and feel empowered myself? Maybe.


During this time, I started working with leading natural and organic formulation chemists within Australia to get these products ready for me to use for Mia on an ongoing basis. This formulation process took over 4 years… All the while being tested on Mia to make sure I was developing the most effective product for her.

Then & Now
... To absolutely thriving!

Instead of daily bleach baths…

We use our own Himalayan/Dead Sea Salt blend with over 130 minerals and added organic ingredients such as neem, calendula, St John’s wort, raspberry leaf extract and arnica to thoroughly cleanse and detoxify Mia’s skin.

Instead of 8 tubes of cortisone/steroid cream per month...

We use our own organic, natural, Australian allergy certified and toxic-free skin relief creams to manage minor skin irritations.

Instead of following a strict diet...

We re-introduced foods over 12 months and discovered that wheat triggered Mia’s eczema even though she’d been previously tested negative for food intolerances.

Instead of weekly visits to the doctor, hospital visits and taking antibiotics...

We spend our time relaxing, going to the beach, making new juice or smoothie recipes and cooking fresh, healthy food together.

Instead of feeling disempowered and hopeless about my daughter’s health...

I took charge. I found my strength within me to find a holistic, long-term solution for my daughter. Yes, Mia still has eczema, but I no longer feel fearful and afraid when she has an eczema flare up and her eczema flare ups are rare because she maintains a great natural - everyday - skincare routine.

Now, I immediately treat her eczema, increase her nutritional foods to support her gut health, increase supplementation to support her immune system and and look to identify and resolve her trigger.

With regards to her skincare routine, I now have the tools (3 Step Skin Relief Kit) and know the exact steps to follow when she has a flare up:

Step 1: Cleanse & Clear (Skin Relief Bath Salts)
Step 2: Repair & Regenerate (Level 1 & Level 2 Skin Relief creams)
Step 3: Hydrate & Protect (Skin Repair & Barrier Cream)

Our Medical Team

I have the greatest respect for our medical professionals. They helped us when my daughter was covered head to toe in skin infections. If things ever spiralled out of control again and we needed doctors to manage Mia’s eczema symptoms, I would never hesitate to seek their help. But I can now happily report it has been over three and half years and Mia has not used antibiotics or steroid creams to manage her eczema. She uses her very own brand of skin care creams , which I have developed for her.

My Mia's & You

My Mia & You - Mother and Daughter

To be honest, I feel complete gratitude for our journey (as painful as it was). I am very positive and empowered with how I approach my family’s health.

The journey which has been filled with light, love, courage and unshakeable commitment to help my daughter, has now evolved into being of service to others.

As a parent, I know exactly you must be feeling if you or your child are suffering from eczema.

The first thing I want you to know is, you are not alone.

You deserve to be shining bright.

If we can transform things, then let that be a spark of hope that things can get better for you aswell.

And if our journey, our path or our natural skincare products can help you in any way, then it definitely is a positive outcome from our journey.

Do you know, any time we have receive a testimonial, Mia & I sit down and read it together. We are both smiling from cheek to cheek, my eyes usually fill with tears (yes, because I’m a cry baby)….. But reading your success story, feels like our success story.

Our journey which started to help my daughter, has now evolved into helping others, just like you.

All my love,
Geeta (Mia’s mum)

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