A lasting Approach To eczema relief - 3 Step Skin Relief Kit + Eczema Relief Online Program

Get Lasting Eczema Relief by (i) Calm Red,Itchy, Sore Eczema (without medication) and (ii) Learn to calm the root cause of eczema flare ups.
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Skin Relief Kit: Calm Eczema Symptoms with My Mia's 3 Step Skin Relief Kit calm red, itchy, sore skin & eczema flare up quickly and effectively. Organic, natural & toxic free skincare. For babies (3+months), children & adults.

Eczema Relief Online Program: Learn The Root Cause of Eczema Flare Up with10 x Online lessons (interviews with health professionals) to calm the root cause of eczema & break your ongoing cycle. The information in this program transformed Mia's skin from 10 tubes steroids every month, to living medication free for 3.5 years. Immediate Online Access. 

✅ Eczema Relief Guide, Wet Dressing Guide, Gut Health Guide & Immune System Booster Guide.


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done   Less pain, less discomfort, better nights sleep, feel comfortable in your own skin again. Empower your self with the skincare tools & knowledge to improve your life today  and tomorrow.
done   Calm red, itchy, sore skin & eczema quickly on face & body
check   Post eczema flare up care & soothe dry flaking skin on face, body, scalp or hands
done   Reduce reliance on heavy medications
done   For: babies (3+months), toddlers, children, teenagers & adults
done   Created with love by a mom. Formulated with cutting-edge research by world class scientists. Organic, natural, toxic free, FDA cosmetic approved,
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Your Skin Relief Kit, includes:

1 x Skin Relief Bath Salts (

1 x Level 1 Soothe & Hydrate Cream

1 x Level 2 Calm & Clear Cream

1 x Ultimate Skin Barrier Cream

Step 1: Using your Skin Relief Bath Salts, in a relaxing soak cleansing your skin. You will only have a bath, once a day.

Step 2: You will then treat the red, inflamed skin (with Level 2 Calm & Clear) and dry skin flakey skin (Level 1 Soothe & Hydrate Cream). You can repeat this process 2-3 times a day depending on severity.

Step 3: After a few minutes (giving your treatment creams time to absorb), apply our luxurious Ultimate Skin Barrier Cream which will lock in hydration, protecting skin from water loss, and leave your skin feel soft and nourished. You can apply this barrier cream 2-3 times a day.

My Mia's Skin Relief Kit works quickly and effectively to bring your skin back into balance.

Eczema Relief Program, is program which helps a person understand how to take a holistic approach to manage eczema (looking what eczema causes and longer term prevention strategies).

Lesson Plan (10 Lessons on Managing Your Eczema):

  1. What is eczema & what is the best way to treat it. Interview Dr Tim Patel.
  2. Eczema Triggers - What triggers our eczema to flare up?
  3. Eczema & Our Immune Health. Interview Cyndi O'meara, Nutritionist.
  4. Eczema, Inflammation & Gut Microbiome. Interview Dr Tim Patel
  5. Eczema & Gut Health
  6. Eczema on Babies & Toddlers
  7. Healing Our Gut, using Food as our Medicine
  8. Eczema: Supplementation & Alternate Therapies
  9. Eczema, Anxiety & Our Life Style
  10. Eczema & Mindfulness

Based on historical customer feedback some people may notice an improvement in mild skin/ eczema symptoms within the first few days. For other people, it may take a few weeks before things start to settle down or may not notice relief from symptoms at all. 

Results vary from individual to individual due to immune & gut health, food intolerances & external allergies. It is a subjective area, and almost impossible to conclude with certainity how it will work for you. 

If your condition does not improve, please seek medical advice. If you have been experience a chronic eczema flare up, you may be at risk of an underlying skin infection making all topical care ineffective; please seek immediate medical advice.

Goods are packed & dispatched from our Los Angeles Warehouse at 8am every day.
We do not offer refunds. We are a family run and self funded business, and as there is a signifcant cost to bring the physical product (all made in Australia) we simply can't afford to offer refunds at this stage.


We've stood in your shoes (we too are eczema sufferers), and we genuinely understand the cost/ frustration of trying yet another eczema product (hoping it will work).

Our intention is to be of genuine service. To serve, we've created an offer so incredibly life changing that you will be better off having purchased this than taking no action at all.

This information & products cost thousands of dollars, several stays in hospital and living through the most severe eczema ordeal to get through to the other side. But, we got to the other side, and we want the same outcome for you.

Our offer includes:

Skin Relief Kit (Valued at $147)

Eczema Relief Online Program (Priceless!, To buy it $97)

Gut Relief Guide ($27)

Immune System Booster Guide ($27)

Eczema Care Guide ($27)

Wet Dressing Guide ($17)

All of these goodies for only $97.

Seeing is Believing


The Current Problem With Eczema Management

sentiment_very_dissatisfied   We treat eczema as an external problem and treat the symptoms only with a single cream or prescribed steroid ointment.

sentiment_very_dissatisfied   Steroids provide immediate relief by suppressing inflammation (but ignore the root cause). They are also designed to be used sparingly for short  term use only, but what happens when our eczema keeps appearing in new areas?  With prolonged medication use, you may develop steroid resistance, requiring more medication for the same effect.

sentiment_very_dissatisfied   According to the World Health Organisation a person suffering from eczema is missing 'skin barrier protection', which means whatever is applied is being abosrbed into the body at a much faster rate. Toxins makes our largest organ/ body weak.


sentiment_very_dissatisfied   While there is no cure to eczema, we can manage our body as a whole which may help reduce the occurence of eczema.








The Ultimate Eczema Relief Package

Everthing you need to achieve immediate eczema relief & long term, lasting eczema relief.

In this package you will receive:

✅ Skin Relief Kit -  $97

✅ Eczema Relief Online Program - $97

✅ Gut Health Guide  - $27

✅ Immune  Booster Guide - $27

✅ Eczema Relief Online Guide - $27

✅ Wet Dressing Guide - $22

Total cash value of $292, today a limited time promotion ONLY:



"As a pediatrician and mother myself, I have been searching for the best non-steroidal cream to optimise my youngest son's skin condition against flare-ups of eczema.

I have found MyMia's three-step skin relief system not only effective and sensible, but also a very pleasant set of creams to apply in their texture and gentle but soothing fragrance.

I think My Mia's has made the perfect blends from their tireless search in herbal remedies and Ayurvedic medicine! Thank you! I have certainly used much less topical steroid than I have had to".

Dr Catherine Wong

I can honestly say these creams have been amazing.

My 1 year old was reliant on steroids on certain parts of his body. As soon as he stopped taking them the eczema would return. This is no longer the case. For the first time he has not used steroids in weeks on some parts of his body!!

I would definitely recommend this to anyone suffering with eczema. The creams are natural and effective!!"

Mandip, UK

"His Skin Looks & Feels Incredible"

My son started getting eczema symptoms since he was 3 months old. What started as a 10 cent-sized patch of irritated skin spread all over his body in the next 6 months. Countless creams, bath salts, GP appointments and natural remedies later, all that really worked to keep the symptoms at bay was a constant run of steroid creams and bleach baths. By his second staph infection, it was heartbreaking to see his wounds and hearing his screams when we tried to stop him scratching at his skin.

My son started using My Mia’s Eczema creams less than 2 months ago and his skin looks and feels incredible. We’ve cut down on our reliance of steroids.

His personality is back to normal and he’s now a happy little boy who can be a kid again. I’m very surprised at how quickly the creams took effect. Thanks so much!

- Lisa, Australia

Skin Relief Kit

how does the skin relief kit work?

Skin Relief Kit

3 Steps to Clear Skin

Let My Mia's, be your guide to help transform your child's endless skin & eczema flareups, sleepless nights, uncontrollable itching, and discomfort without building reliance on heaving medications.

My Mia's Skin Relief Kit will empower you with everything you need:

✅ To manage red, itchy, sore skin (including mild eczema)

✅ Calm dry flaking skin on face, body, scalp or hands

✅ To replenish skin, leaving it soft, hydrated & nourished

✅ All while using gentle organic, natural & toxic free ingredients


My Mia's Skin Relief Bath Salts will gently cleanse dirt and impurities from the surface of the skin, minimise the skin infections and gently prepare skin ready for treatment.  


My Mia's recognises the difference between a skin & eczema flare up, dry flaking skin, and post flare up care. We have two treatment creams; Level 2 Calm & Clear: to calm red, itchy, inflamed skin and Level 1 Soothe & Hydrate, is an organic everyday cream for dry flaking skin on hands, scalp, face & used as a prevention cream on previously inflamed skin/ eczema.  


My Mia's Ultimate Barrier Cream, is unlike any other cream on the market!

Made using premium ceramide ingredients costing over $15,000 (usually used in eye creams!), this thick, rich cream deeply hydrates and nourishes skin, and with regular use improves the softness and overall texture of skin.

"Fantastic Results"

My little girl has suffered with eczema for under a year now. We’ve tried all sorts, over the counter creams and of course steroid creams. Which we’ve only used intermittently as it’s not something we want to use. 

Mia’s skin relief popped up on an advert which I kept seeing, so I thought why not. So pleased that I did buy this product. I was a little skeptical at first but it calmed and soothed her skin in a matter of two days. I cannot believe how amazing it has worked I wish I’d of found this sooner. My little girl is very happy that her rashes are getting better. No more steroid creams for us now. Thank you to Mia’s skin relief.

- LJ, UK

"Completely Gone!"

I have been applying prescription creams to my eczema for weeks without any relief after only a few days using My Mias creams the results have been amazing. The itching has gone and my skin is returning to normal.

- Sandie R, Australia

Eczema Relief Online Program

What lessons does this program include?

One Baby's Life Changing Transformation

She showed her dermatologist the results OF MY MIA's,

"they were amazed"!

Lauren was devastated she couldn't even hold her baby Florence without out causing her pain, due to her severe eczema.

Even under the care of a dermatologist her baby was in so much pain.

After the first night of using My Mia's Skin Relief, baby Flo slept. Her dermatologist told this mom 'to keep doing what you're doing because its working'.

Baby Florence has transformed, from shivering when being touched (because of the pain) to a baby who's skin is so clear that she-just-can't-stop-smiling.

Recommended she continue with My Mia's as its working so well.
She Slept
On the first night with My Mia's, she slept.
She Can't Stop Smiling
Before she was so miserable, now she can't stop smiling.
Mom & Dad are so happy
Our family has our lives back. We are so relieved & happy.


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Koda G.
United States
I recommend this product

Love this natural eczema kit for my baby!

My son has had flare ups since he was born (1year now), this past winter it got pretty bad. He started getting bad spots on his shoulders and little patches around his torso, then more on his legs, and even a little on his cheeks. Once we decided to spend the money and try My Mia, we noticed it started to help calm the flare ups quite a bit. We tried so many other products, but were nervous to spend so much money of a kit we weren’t sure would work. We’re glad we tried it! It definitely seems to be helping quite a bit. It’s a very costly kit and very small containers, especially when the flare ups are all over the body. But we’re glad we found something natural that helps. Thank you My Mia

Carmela M.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Did not work for me

Unfortunately, this did not work at all for me. In fact it exacerbated the inflammation of my eczema that I had to go to my GP. I so wanted it to work however it did not. What a waste of a hundred dollars. :(

Marguerite B.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Granddaughter is feeling better

She loves the salts She loves the cream Totally helping her

Balssam H.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Mia skin relief kit

Wonderful product made very gentle to the skin and keeps the moisture in the skin. Love Love the product

Laina F.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Amazing product

This is a product that starts to worry me as soon as I start to run out. It’s the only product that improves and clears my daughters eczema. Love it


My Mia's Skin Relief

Created by a mom (for her daughters severe eczema), every element of My Mia's Skin Relief Kit has been designed to improve an skin & eczema flare up without adding any toxic chemical load to your body.

Created with over a decade of first hand experience (both in and out of hospital) with the most effective way to treat eczema. A world first in natural eczema treatment.

Step 1: Cleanse & Clear the skin (ready for treatment)

Step 2: Repair & Regenerate Eczema Flare up

Step 3: Deeply hydrate & nourish skin

Comprehensive eczema treatment:

cleanse, repair & hydrate skin.

Designed by a mom who's daughter (Mia) was hospitilized twice with eczema and facing a life time of medication. Change was needed, and by taking a holistic approach to her health, and moving to this 3 step system (made with gentle ingredients) Mia tranformed from using 10 tubes of steroids a month to living medication free for 3.5 years. 

My Mia's Skin Relief has been formulated by world leading chemists, to create a gentle and effective skincare routine for eczema sufferers.

Eczema created with the purest intention, to bring you lasting relief.

As an eczema sufferer, everything is 'absorbed into the body at a faster rate due to insufficient skin barrier protection.' (World Health Organization)

Ensuring every ingredient is effective and gentle, is critical to ensure your body remains is strong, is not weakened by unnecessary chemicals, as it repairs and recovers.

Gentle & effective ingredients. To assist keeping you strong as you recover. 

Gentle Ingredients
Certified Organic & Natural Toxic Free. 
Empowering Eczema Care Givers
Providing you with  a tool kit to manage skin: During/ post an skin & eczema flareup.
Unique & Proven System
Created based on over a decade of research of research and testing.
5 Star Customer Reviews
Customer's lives have transformed completely.

When the Ingredients are Both Gentle & Effective

ingredients list

Highest Quality

My Mia's Skin Relief has been created based on decades of research into organic, ayurvedic herbal extracts that have been used for centuaries (even before modern medicines).

The wisdom in these natural remedies, support skin's recovery. Our products are designed to restore skin back to balance as quickly and gently as possible.  

Coconut Oil, Tea Tree, Arnica, Paw Paw, Turmeric, Neem, Centella, St John's Wort.
Our packaging is made from eco-friendly materials.
USA FDA Cosmetics Approved, Certified COSMOS Organic, Toxic Free by Safe Cosmetics Australia
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Our products are manufactured within Australia. 

All of our USA orders are dispatched Los Angeles warehouse, with 2 day shipping available.

Yes! The same 3 step system is used on the face and on the body. 
Yes :-) Individual products can be re-ordered from our website.
The salt to water ratio is very diluted. No person, has ever commented that the salts sting; rather on the contrary they have commented their skin starts to look better after their first bath.

In Australia the children's hospitals and dermatologists cleanse skin with bleach in a child's bath. The intention is to prevent skin infections.

At My Mia's Skin Relief, we would never use chemicals like bleach at home, let alone on our body (which has open sores). Our Skin Relief Bath Salts are an essential step in the process as it really does detoxify and cleanse the skin, but with over 130 minerals (from dead sea salts & himalayan salts) and gentle organic, herbal extracts to cleanse and calm skin.

In summary - No, the salts don't sting once diluted in water at the correct measured levels. 

Simply disolve a small portion of Skin Relief Bath Salts into a luke warm bowl of water. With a wash cloth, gently cleanse skin affected by eczema.
Babies (from 3+ months), toddlers, children, teenagers and adults can all use My Mia's Skin Relief. The Skin Relief Kit, works very well for calming red, itchy and flaking skin.

A baby, toddler, or child may be able to calm their skin with skin care alone.  

However, teenagers and adults, will benefit from skin care products however may also require additional support calming the inflammation within the body.

If symptoms do not improve, please seek immediate medical advice.  There may be an underlying skin infection, and this requires immediate medical attention.

Lives Improved Forever

Important  Disclaimer

No Medical Advice
My Mia's Skin Relief are not medical doctors, and will not provide medical advice. Eczema is a medical condition, that must require medical attention by a medical practioner.  If you suspect you have an infection - please seek immediate medical assistance.

Cosmetic Grade Skincare

My Mia's Skin Relief are a cosmetic grade, of gentle skincare products to calm skin & deliver hydrating ingredients. These are not medications.

Customer Testimonials

All customer images, videos and testimonials are from genuine customers who purchased the Skin Relief Kit. We acknowledge that these results are exceptional. As individual skin and skin health are different; results may differ from person to person. 

My Mia's Skin Relief cannot accept any responsibility if your results look different to customer testimonials (as each persons skin & health is different).